Kindergarten Math Workbook Review

The Kindergarten Math Book πŸ“–

Working from home with my child this year has been something new. She cruises through workbooks like crazy so I was glad to have the opportunity to grab this one for her as math seems to be one of her favorite things (although not mine πŸ˜‚).

It has been exceptionally helpful for her and she’s able to work on it alone or with help from mom and dad.

I love the intro to multiplication at the end of the book, because it something we can work on with her and continue going over all the answers. πŸ“šβœβž•βž–βœ–

I fully intend of getting her the other books to continue working with her on all her skills before 1st Grade next year!

Specifications per Amazon:

  • This Kindergarten Math Workbook is a great way for your little champion to learn basic math skills in a fun and easy way.
  • This workbook is organized in a progressive skill-building way to get plenty of math practice.
  • This book requires guidance from a teacher, parent, or caregiver to help the child to develop motor control for writing and counting numbers well while also learning math.
  • To help your child be successful, we have formatted this book in sections. The activities in this book gradually increase in difficulty. Completing the easy activities first will help your child feel confident and motivated to keep going.
  • This 6 in 1 guided math workbook progressively builds confidence in math start with:

βœ“ Part 1: Number Tracing

βœ“ Part 2: Addition

βœ“ Part 3: Subtraction

βœ“ Part 4: Math Game

βœ“ Part 5: Greater Than and Less Than

βœ“ Part 6: Table

  • I hope you find this book helpful in teaching your child to learn basic mathematical skills and that your child enjoys working through the pages of this book! Young children learn best when the material is fun, and the games and activities in this book were intended for just that I hope you enjoy working with and watching your little one having fun, lighting up with each achievement, and most of all, loving learning!
  • Be sure to go through the book at your child’s pace. You will know when your child is ready for an activity if they are excited and want to continue working through the book. An uneager or struggling child is a sign that an activity may be too difficult for now. If this happens, either offer more help or wait until the child is a bit older to move ahead. Learning is fluid, and what is too hard today may become easier to master in the near future.

This workbook comes with:

  • Premium cover designed especially for kids
  • 100 pages of high-quality Kindergarten Math Workbook.
  • 8.5 x 11 inches – large size provides lots of space for writing
  • High-quality white paper – 60gm

Buy today to help your little champion take their first step confidently into the fun world of math.

Find it here:

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