Micro Bluetooth Speaker Review

Ahh, I'm in love! I absolutely cannot believe the sound that comes out of this thing! Hands down, my new favorite gadget. It's super, super easy to use - just press and hold the button on the bottom till it sounds. Easy to link to Bluetooth as well. Comes with a cord for charging and… Continue reading Micro Bluetooth Speaker Review

85 Disney Movies – From 1937 to 2019

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) Exiled into the dangerous forest by her wicked stepmother, a princess is rescued by seven dwarf miners who make her part of their household. 2. Pinocchio (1940) A living puppet, with the help of a cricket as his conscience, must prove himself worthy to become a real… Continue reading 85 Disney Movies – From 1937 to 2019